Young Vikings in Town

Hygge på Danstralsk

YViT & Stambord August 4th at The Crafty Squire.

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De Næste YViT onsdagsmøder i 2021

4/8 - 1/9 - 6/10 - 3/11 - 1/12

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YViT & Stambord 4/8 - 1/9 - 6/10 - 3/11 - 1/12

August 4th at The Crafty Squire

Tilmeld her eller kontakt via en af grupperne herover da plads skal reserveres

from Denmark House:

please note that we are only operating the bar on Fridays, happy to seat you in the restaurant if you prefer but only the bar menu will be available.

Kind regards, Andrew Procter

General Manager

Denmark House